Assessment of the video sequences by the following possible criteria:
1. Vocal
Technical mastery of the instrument: sound, dynamics, scope, breath control, agility
Instrument body: static / mobile, stiff / natural, is the body visibly used to support singing, does the body express what is being sung?
Dealing with language: narrative type / sound type, intelligibility, foreign languages, linguistic sound
2. Musical
General: security in the musical material, knowledge of the piece, intonation, rhythm, design, style, style-appropriate reproduction, phrasing
Expression: attention to the dynamic requirements, diversity in dynamics, color range and change of colors, individual expression
3. Scenic
General impression:
Stage presence, personality, commitment
Expressiveness, credibility, imagination ability
Aesthetic criteria:
Style consciousness, reflection of the means used, courage to personal statement
Handicraft observations:
Penetration and knowledge of the selected works, sense of time, rhythm, dynamism, precision
Transparency of the scenic impulses, actions and attitudes
Linking voice with gesture, mimicry and plasticity in the scenic processes